Sclerotherapy offers an effective, non-surgical approach for the treatment of spider veins and some varicose veins. This uses an FDA-approved solution delivered via a series of injections to eliminate unwanted vessels. A superfine needle will inject the affected area, delivering a special solution that shrinks and collapses the vein lining. This reduces blood flow in these veins and will diminish the appearance of red and blue surface veins.

Cosmetic improvement is noted within a few weeks following treatment. Most cases require a series of sessions scheduled a few weeks apart. Sclerotherapy is suitable for all skin types, including darker-skinned patients and anyone looking for visible relief from spider veins. You can resume normal activities immediately following treatment. A consultation will allow us to determine whether sclerotherapy is the best treatment option for your problem area(s). Insurance will not cover the cost of treatment for non-symptomatic spider veins.