“I am a tri-athlete. A vein on my thigh was really swollen and distorted. I was worried that there might be permanent damage. Dr. Maldonado was very accommodating, working my training and competition schedule around treatment. Each appointment was like meeting old friends. Dr. Maldonado is kind and funny. I had an ablation and phlebectomy. My leg has healed and my confidence is back. I am looking forward to summer and shorts. If anyone asked me about veins, I would suggest they see Dr. Maldonado.”

                                                                —Emily Paterson

"The procedures Dr. Maldonado performed to treat my varicose veins were very effective. The swelling, discomfort and bulging veins have been eliminated and the procedures were quick and painless. I appreciate Dr. Maldonado’s thorough explanation of the treatment and detailed attention to me"

                 —Mike Kitowski

“I was misdiagnosed with osteoarthritis by another physician and advised to live with the pain. I couldn’t even sit through a movie without severe pain. A friend suggested I visit Dr. Maldonado. I had the Venefit™ radiofrequency and a phlebectomy. My husband and I are enjoying life again—including movies and long travel trips. I am pain free. Thank you, Dr. Maldonado!”

                — Patient

“Because of poor circulation and reflux in my legs, I had horrible varicose veins, pain and non-healing sores on my legs. I was embarrassed to wear shorts. Now, after my treatments, the pain and fatigue are gone, my sores are healed and my legs look great! Thank you, Dr. Maldonado.”

                 —Marilyn Baker

“I’m on my feet from 12-16 hours a day, which contributed to my venous insufficiency—a very painful condition. I made appointments with Dr. Maldonado, who came highly recommended. After a few tests, he performed sclerotherapy on both of my legs. After the surgery, along with the use of compression stockings, life on my feet is pain free and much more enjoyable.”

                —Rob Bruning


“I stand up for 12 hours each day while working. The veins in my legs were bulging, hurt all the time and I couldn’t stop the painful throbbing, not event at night while resting in bed. Now my legs feel light. The throbbing and pain have stopped. I have more energy and legs look great.”

                —Beverly Schuetz


“Dr. Maldonado and his staff treated my superficial phlebitis and varicose veins. They were professional, competent and thorough in their diagnosis. My leg feels great and hasn’t looked better in over a decade. I’m very pleased with results and would make the same choice if I had to do it again.”

              —Mark S. Rindels